About Us


IWAVE is headquartered in Shanghai. It is a high-tech entrepreneurial company and has been engaged in the production and R&D of mobile communications and application technology for 16 years. IWAVE focuses on the research and product development of wireless communication technologies such as 4G, 5G (under research), and MESH. It has established a mature product technology system and successfully developed a series of products including 4G/5G core network and 4G/5G wireless private network series base stations. As well as MESH wireless ad hoc network products, etc.

IWAVE communication system is designed based on LTE technology standards. We have improved on the original LTE terminal technical standards stipulated by 3GPP, such as physical layer and air interface protocols, to make it more suitable for network transmission without central base station control.


The original standard LTE network requires the participation and control of base stations and core networks in addition to terminals. Now each node of our star topology network devices and MESH network devices is a terminal node. These nodes are lighter and retain many advantages of the original LTE technology. For example, it has the same architecture, physical layer and subframe as LTE. It also has LTE’s other advantages such as wide coverage, high spectrum utilization, high sensitivity, high bandwidth, low latency, and dynamic power control.

Compared with normal wireless link, such as wireless bridge or other devices based on wifi standard, the LTE technology has a subframe structure, the uplink and downlink data rate is not same. This characteristic enable the wireless link products' application more flexible. Because the uplink and downlink data rate can be adjusted based on real service requirements.

In addition to the self-developed product series, IWAVE also has the ability to integrate upstream and downstream product resources in the industry. For example, based on self-developed 4G/5G industry products, IWAVE integrates wireless terminal products and industry application platforms, thereby providing terminals - base stations - core networks - End-to-end customized products and industry solutions for industry application platforms. IWAVE focuses on serving domestic and foreign industry partners, such as special industry communications fields such as park ports, energy and chemicals, public security, special operations, and emergency rescue.


IWAVE is also a manufacture in China that develops, designs and produces industrial-grade fast deployment wireless communication devices, solution, software, OEM modules and LTE wireless communication devices for robotic systems, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) , connected teams, government defense and other type communication systems.

IWAVE products provide fast deployment, high throughput, strong NLOS ability, ultra long range communication to mobile users with no reliance on fixed infrastructure.
IWAVE keeps close touch with our military Government advisors and different field end users to constantly improve the product quality and performance.


The year 2008 was a disastrous year for China. In 2008, we suffer from snowstorm in southern China, 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake, 9.20 Shenzhen fire accident, flood, etc. The disaster not only make us more united but also made us realize high technology is life. During emergency rescue, advanced high technology can save more lives. Especially the communication system which is closely related to the success or failure of the entire rescue. Because disaster always destroy all the infrastructure, which make the rescue more difficult.

At end of 2008, We begin to focus on developing the rapid deployment emergency communication system. Based on 14years of accumulated technology and experiences, we lead localization through reliability of equipment with strong NLOS ability, ultra long range and stable working performance in the UAV, robotics, vehicles wireless communication market. And we mainly supply the fast deployment communication system to army, government agencies and industries.


Why Choose Us?

Since founded in 2008, IWAVE invests more than 15% of annual income invested in R&D and our core R&D team own more than 60 profession engineers. Till now, IWAVE also have been keeping a long term cooperation with the national and university laboratory.

After 16 years of continuous development and accumulation, we have formed a mature R&D, production, transportation and after-sales service system, which can provide customers with efficient solutions in a timely manner to satisfy the needs of customers and provides better after-sales service.

Industry-leading production equipment, professional and experienced engineers, excellent and well-trained sales team and rigorous production process enable us to provide competitive prices and high-quality communication system to open up the global market.

IWAVE strives to consistently deliver consumers the best goods and build a solid name by paying attention to quality craftsmanship, cost performance, and customer happiness.

We operate under the motto "quality first, service supreme" and provide our all to each client. Our continuous objective is to find quick solutions to issues. IWAVE will always be your dependable and enthusiastic partner.


Engineers in R&D Team

15%+ of annual Profit in vested in professional R&D team

Have independent research and development capability and self-developed technology



Years Experience

IWAVE already did thousands of project and case in past 16years. our team has the right skillset to solve the hard problems and provide the right solutions.


Technical Support

We have an experienced technical support team to provide fast response and professional support to you

7*24 hours online.


Customized solution to cover every customer needs separately. Each products before launching must experienced many times testing indoor and outdoor.

Besides the R&D team, IWAVE also have a special department for simulating practical application in different scenario. In order to guarantee the performance, the testing team bring the products to mountains, dense forest, underground tunnel, underground parking for testing their performance under various environment. They try their best to find all kinds of environment to simulate the end users real application and try our best to eliminate any failures before delivery.




IWAVE own an advanced R&D team, to make the whole process standardized from the project, research and development, trial production to mass production. We also established a comprehensive product testing system, including hardware and software unit testing, software system integration testing, reliability testing, regulatory certification (EMC / safety, etc.) and so on. After more than 2000 sub-test, we get more than 10,000 test data to make full, comprehensive, extreme test verification, to ensure the product's excellent performance and high reliability.